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Russian girls, seductive and erotic, 450 photos | Girls Art Photos

Russian Girls-This is a real find for the photographer. The natural beauty, which is celebrated and valued in the whole world, is combined in them with fearless, curiosity, thirst for experimentation, patience and perseverance. Often they themselves act initiators erotic photoshoots-one only idea that they do something if not forbidden, then close to it, gives them pleasure.
But for Russian girls it is not enough to undress on a camera. Is this an achievement? And, driven by the thirst for adventure, Russian girls come up with adventures. Naked in the snow? Easily! Leave naked on the streets of the city? You are welcome! Take a walk in the night shirt on the roofs? Done! And even better, that in all this action there was some supreme sense, concept, idea. Not crazy on the roof-a muse, descended from heaven with a violin in his hand. Not a violator of public order-a pure soul, lonely in a big city. Not just a winner of a beautiful body, wrapped in a sheet-and an ancient goddess, suddenly found flesh. Unusual scenery, non-trivial poses, causing courage-not every photographer will keep up with his Russian model! But the result surpasses all expectations. The resulting images breathe energy, sexuality, and Russian girls, openly looking at the frame, without words say: see, I could! means you can do everything!