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Taking portraits of beautiful girls is not as easy as it seems. Who hasn’t heard jokes about passport photos? Who has not experienced the rightness of anecdotes on yourself? It’s amazing how the same parts of the body – eyes, nose, lips – can make a different impression. Audacity and shyness, temptation and innocence, simplicity and cunning – with the help of makeup, facial expressions, jewelry, play of light and color in the photo of only one person’s personality is clearly revealed. Therefore, portraits are considered a separate genre of photography.
Beautiful girls, in love with their body, their attractiveness and unique image, keep hundreds of portraits and share with friends contacts of the best masters of the lens. Priceless look professional, are able to catch the best view, wait, like a hunter, until the model will be sincere in character, and do not miss the best moment to take it in visually. After all, even the most talented actress is not able to play twice exactly the same.
Girls on the portraits presented in the collection are relaxed, artistic and beautiful. First of all, it is the merit of the photographer. It depends on it, the shortcomings or advantages will be highlighted in the portrait. A master can be called someone who does not necessarily see a woman naked-whose one look at her face is able to bare the soul