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Nude ballerinas, 170 photos | Girls Art Photos

In the list of phenomena, which can be admired, without noticing the run of time, except the usual water, fire and other Labor would be worth adding more and nude ballerina. They just excite primitive instincts: thirst for possession and desire to continue the race. While the mind admires a beautiful image, the appropriateness of the background, the harmony of the female body-the subconscious evaluates proportionality proportions, tries on the girl role of the Companion of Life and mother of possible offspring. Only when both the mind and the subconscious are satisfied, the person fully enjoys what he has seen.
Erotic art is to bring pleasure to the viewer, excite his sexuality, regardless of age and sex, without physical contact, influencing directly on the brain. It is impossible to remain indifferent at the sight of an open view of a female breast, gentle roundness of a belly, elastic buttocks.
What is taboo in everyday life becomes available and almost palpable. Nude ballerinas on photographs give a huge charge of creative energy, directing other people’s thoughts and actions in the creative direction. By decorating the world with their existence, they give a taste and a multi-flowering of unleavened and faded life