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Nude Art, 580 photos of beautiful girls | Girls Art Photos

Nude Art is a style in which the naked human body is depicted using artistic means (drawings and photographs). His goal-together, and often instead of physical desire to excite the viewer a sense of beauty. Usually in the focus of the camera are sexy girls. Their nudity, revealing ideal forms and proportions, poetically and unusually shows the beauty of the human body, is admired and gives emotional satisfaction from the perfection of the contemplated picture of Nude Art.
Photogenicity of the girl is crucial for the photographer. Everything is important: the figure, tenderness and elegance of the model, mood, environment, background, lighting and post-processing photos. Particularly effective compositions of the Nu-Art arise on the background of the river, lake or sea, where the fleeting beauty of human life competes with the majestic and eternal — of the reservoir. No less impressive wood motifs, when the roughness and roughness of the bark emphasizes the smoothness and velvety skin. Photos of naked girls in urban landscapes are symbolic: cities often force their inhabitants to give up their individuality and do not allow themselves to be revealed, while art allows this to happen.
Beautiful girls who decided to pose for the shooting of Nude Art, should also be bold and artistic. Their task is not just to expose their, of course, gorgeous and sexy body, but also to create images filled with emotions and feelings. After all, for an art photo, the inner content is more important than the erotic subtext. This is what turns them into a piece of art