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The most beautiful girls, 300 art photos | Girls Art Photos

Perfection exists, teaches the theory of the»Golden section». But unlike the ancient Greeks, for whom beauty, perfection and truth were equivalent, and the most beautiful girl was considered the one whose features could be described by one formula, modern man knows: imperfection can be much more beautiful. Because it reflects the dynamics; because it gives charm; because it is closer to life, and most beautiful of all – life. The most beautiful girls are full of energy, internal or escaping outside in movement.
The pictures of this gallery underscore the dynamism of their poses, bends phone In static, it would seem that the pictures of the most beautiful girls, feel the wind, concerning long hair, gathering the folds of thin cloth. Amazing accents give color-eyes, skin, space. All to better convey life, its diversity and endless shades. See for yourself: the girl may not be perfect, and yet – the most beautiful.
Skillful photos turn what she herself seems to be a disadvantage (a mole on the cheek or chest, slight asymmetry of the lips, narrow hips), into dignity. The art of make-up and photography brings pleasure to both the master, who creates his own Galatea from the model, and the girl, convinced of her own beauty, and the viewer, enthusiastically contemplating the result