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Girls under the open sky, 390 photos | Girls Art Photos

The Art gallery «Girls under the Open Sky» contains photos designed to convey the aesthetics of everyday life. Sexy beauties on them are passionate about a variety of classes: play tennis, sunbathe on the beach, walk on the roofs and among flowering trees, relax or hurry on their business.
The main idea of the album is that these girls remain beautiful outside the greenhouse conditions of apartments and studios. They are not afraid of active actions and risk, do not hesitate to express their emotions and feelings to the whole world. They are open like the skies above their heads. Their hair waves the wind, not the fan, and the eyes sparkle because the sun is illuminated, not the lamp. Their charm is such a property that it will not be destroyed by a close look or accidental touch.
If the gallery «Girls in Nature» focuses on how the female body and landscapes harmoniously combine, then this is the center of attention is the girl herself. The situation only underlines the attractiveness of the heroine of the picture, her aspiration to show herself in all glory and from the best sides. And it is not surprising that some of the photos are made in the style of nude art. After all, if a woman is pleased with the opportunity to prove her perfection, being naked-there is nothing wrong with openly admiring it!