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Girls in the studio, 600 harmonious photos | Girls Art Photos

Here is another spectacular selection of art photos of beautiful girls. From the rest it is different in that all the pictures are created in the Studio. This makes the frames particularly accurate, proportional and harmonious. They successfully transferred the play of light and shadow on naked bodies, lines of motion, a combination of textures and volumes, and all this is seasoned with light erotica. Such Studio photos of girls made by means of the professional equipment get on covers of magazines because their art component is obvious.
In his Studio, the photographer – demiurge, creating from individual elements of the whole world. Studio-microcosm, obedient to his will and desire. As once the Creator of all things, he puts light, fills the space with inanimate objects, creating an ideal environment, and in her heart puts his model, completing and filling the composition with meaning. For the snapshot – the girl in the Studio breathes, moves, laughs; the newly created world comes to life changes, transformered into something unexpected, in its own way perfect. But an hour, two-and bored micro-universe is destroyed to the ground, and in its place there is a different-with another beauty and another idea