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Girls in the bathroom and shower, 320 photos | Girls Art Photos

Seductive spectacle are the girls in the bathroom. There is something piquant in every photograph of nude beauty, frozen under the Jets of water or in the clouds of soap foam. Forbidden pleasure comes from childhood, when adults strictly forbid to look, how to wash girls, the only energizing curiosity: why? What are they doing out there behind closed doors? What are they so special about?
So it turns out that for adults bathroom-this is one of the best places for love games, a source of vivid erotic experiences. There is no place for clothes that surround the world – and it does not remain ashamed. Being in the shower at the same time as a woman-a violation of the once-established taboo, tickling nerves and aggravating impressions. Add mirrors, smooth tiles, metal and plastic, games with water-and it becomes clear why the fun in the bathroom is so popular.
It is these aspects of human sexuality that affect the pictures of the beauties dressed only in foam, which are comfortably located in the Jacuzzi, shower cabins, massive baths. Beautiful girls are encouraged to break children’s prohibitions, risk, experiment and enjoy. Because the answer to the question «why?» with age becomes known to everyone, and whether it is necessary to follow the rules, everyone should decide for himself