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Girls in nature, 350 harmonious photos | Girls Art Photos

Who does not know the beauty of nature? Picturesque reservoirs, forests, meadows, mountains, deserts — all this is unusually majestic. Even newcomers to photography are not at risk, taking pictures of girls in nature — with minimal compositional skills you can get great shots. Only in this greatness and monumentality lies its own catch. Too many landscape photos are able to drive into depression. After all, in order to come to life and play, the pictures «from nature» lack dynamics. Some expressive accent that would catch the eye and harmoniously complement the picture.
The best compositional center are beautiful girls in nature. The human body, especially the female, especially naked, naturally fits into any landscapes and is favorably emphasized by them. Next to the tree trunks, the model looks flexible, close to the rocks — fragile, on the snow — warm, in the sands — passionate, in the water — extremely seductive. In nature, far from the city and prying eyes of a girl, they relax or, on the contrary, “run wild”, give free rein to themselves and their fantasies. Natural instincts awaken in them, and ordinary girls turn into hunters, dryads, sylphs, and goddesses of fertility. Captured at the time of her inner freedom, this girl leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of both the audience and the photographer herself