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Girls at home and close, graceful and natural, 600 photos | Girls Art Photos

In the human mind, the house is a symbol of safety and security. It gives a sense of confidence, coziness and comfort. Only in such conditions can reveal the true beauty of the girl. To capture women in their natural environment, when they do not need to be ashamed, to conceal faces, bodies, emotions – real art. The photographer should become a part of this environment-and at the same time to be able to catch the moment, which will be most expressive of the connection of the place and its inhabitant.
Appreciate the elegance and naturalness of poses, feel the Negu and desires presented on the photo models. Enter mentally into their homes. See how the situation with each girl’s character blends harmoniously. In the walls of their homes, they are ready to throw masks-be it a mask of modesty, business lady, self-sufficient or insensitive woman. Here they become real – they live, rejoice, Grieve, Miss and love.
The most unexpected secrets can be found crossing the threshold. Prohibitions of society remain outside, there comes complete freedom. And the beautiful pictures of girls in the home environment, collected in this art gallery, are primarily a hymn to freedom and a call to sincerity with oneself