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Girls against the window, 240 erotic fantasies | Girls Art Photos

The real challenge for the photographer is to take pictures near the window. Glass limits the space, natural lighting argues with artificial. Frames are too light, with incorrect light accents. The artist is not experienced enough it is not necessary to undertake such work.
But the one who has mastered the skill of shooting sufficiently knows how seductive look silhouettes of naked women on the background of window openings. The light wraps around all the curves of the figure, emphasizes the thin waist, hips, sharp protruding nipples, provocative poses. Nude art-the most suitable genre for this kind of background. It requires courage and looseness from the model, because who knows where the Windows chosen by the artist go, who can look at other people’s charms from that side?
However, each such photo is a window. The opportunity for anyone to look into someone else’s erotic fantasy. And beautiful girls are not accidentally close, on the other side. Dropping clothes in front of the camera, they are looking for a stranger’s gaze, encourage someone else’s attraction. They are sexy-and love it in themselves. And let it be impossible to touch them, but you can admire without fear and shame, considering the art gallery » Girls against the window»