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Blondes are beautiful and welcome, 400 photos | Girls Art Photos

Photos of beautiful blondes are full of inner light and tranquility. These beautiful girls do not have a rebellious mood of red-haired beauties or frightening fatal fascination of brunettes. They are like a promise of peace, warmth and days spent in tender sensual caresses. At first glance, such a woman shows that her place is close to your beloved, in his arms. But you should not think that sex is all that interests blondes. In fact, they have a rich inner world, a subtle understanding of the beautiful. That is why it is easy for the artist to work with blonde models. Often the girls themselves choose the background and accessories that clearly emphasize their individuality, destroying speculation about the simplicity and simplicity of blondes. So are born photo-masterpieces, for example, a naked woman playing the violin on a rock in the middle of the lake – an allegorical image of the soul, striving for perfection: the harmony of sound, the harmony of nature, the harmony of forms.
Looking through this gallery, see for yourself that beauty can coexist with creativity; that sexy blondes are not dolls, whose only ability is to spread your legs and give pleasure; that each of them is not just a face, but a personality. Blondes have many talents and qualities, and love is only one of them