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There are several sources of pleasure in our lives. Successful completion of plans, getting new sensations and knowledge, delicious food, physical intimacy and the opportunity to contemplate beauty. Erotica satisfies the needs of man in everything but food: Joy brings a successful search for new photos, unfamiliar faces, beautiful attractive bodies.
Erotic photography, as an aperitif, ignites appetite; brings pleasure, but leaves slightly unsatisfied. The appearance of nude girls in beautiful poses is a physical pleasure, associated with the blood endorphins, and aesthetic. After all, when looking at the naked beauty in the first place comes not the idea of intimacy with her, and admiration perfection forms, grace lines, harmony of the background and photography in general. Desire awakens after, when you begin to study the details: Catch a glance, imagine the touch of silk hair, read a picture of moles on the skin. But it is not rude and predatory, but full of tender tenderness. Beauty does not want to destroy – on the contrary, it wants to touch, to become a part of it, to multiply.
Pleasure from beautiful erotica are able to get not only the guys, but the girls themselves. In each of them there is a desire to be perfect. Catch the same admiring views, which reward heroines art photos. And perhaps, realizing that she has a place to aspire to, the girl will become more attentive to herself and will be able to seductive picture on the monitor make a reality