Полезные советы по ведению YouTube (eng)

You cannot do this:

Don’t steal photos and videos, all production must be original.
Don’t buy followers — such bloggers can be easily calculated by the ratio of the number of followers to likes. Caught for falsification — the trust index will fall.
Do not post «jeans» — frank advertising is always repulsive, especially if you do it often.
Don’t use standard filters — everyone is tired of them for a long time. Feel free to test new apps with vibrant colors.

YouTube Food Blogger Tips

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Tell and show what you are going to cook. The viewer must not only see the final result, but also want to repeat it.

Your actions should be clear. Speak in simple words, accompany them with simple manipulations, use the most common tools and ingredients.
Give viewers the opportunity to cook on their own. Write the recipe text in detail under the photo or video: your followers should be able to prepare this dish in their own kitchen.

Find your niche. Focus on what you do best. Do not forget about the original design of the blog — it will attract additional attention.

Don’t forget the basics of cooking. Even if you have already become a culinary guru, there are probably beginners among your subscribers, so do not forget to explain what seems elementary to you, otherwise someone will have to google after viewing the post.

Lessons can be fun too. Joke, find original content presentation options, let you be remembered.

Be in touch. Don’t forget to respond to comments and questions from subscribers. Ask your audience what they would like to know about in the next video. Thank them for their attention and advice.

Collaborate with other blogs. Find a blogger with a similar audience and offer to exchange links to each other. Conduct SFS (mutual PR) and share content with other pages, just, mind you, with a link to your blog. Invite guests to the shooting — their audience will come to your blog to see the result.

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